From physicals to dry needling, Align Medical Center’s Wellington, Colorado clinic and its providers are prepared to help.


Wellness Care

Today’s healthcare model does not emphasize self-care. We wait for disease to occur rather than being proactive. At Align Medical Center, we emphasize a lifestyle that optimizes the function of our bodies, inside and out.  Align Medical Center staff pairs with patients to find treatment plans that are both achievable and beneficial. We work with you to set realistic goals for long-term health behavior changes. We understand that life has a natural balance and work with each individual to align his or her values with practical interventions.

IV Nutritional Therapy

IV (intravenous) nutrition is a type of therapy commonly used for its health benefits which include immune system boost, detoxifying cells, illness prevention, improving chronic fatigue and more! The result may be faster than those of oral medications or supplements because IV treatment is administered directly into the bloodstream. IV nutritional therapy can be an effective restorative treatment for the body.

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections (PRP)

Many people are looking for a natural way to decrease pain and promote healing in their bodies. PRP jump-starts your body’s natural healing abilities by stimulating healing and cell development in an area of concern. Once you have been seen by our Nurse Practitioner and it has been determined that PRP may be a good option for you, your nurse will draw your blood and spin it down in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the plasma. The Nurse Practitioner will then use diagnostic ultrasound to guide the injection exactly to the area needing to be treated. PRP is usually recommended in a 3 dose series.

Prior to each injection, the Nurse Practitioner will educate you on preparation for your injection. This may include dietary changes or withholding medications for a specific timeframe. After the injection, the Nurse Practitioner will provide you with discharge instruction that includes restrictions and rehabilitation care.

Read more on the research here.



Our team of experienced examiners will be here when it is time for an initial or renewal DOT physical. We are NRCME certified and make it easy for you to get in and out. Forms are available on our website. Printing them off and completing them ahead of time can expedite the process. Don’t have a printer? No problem! Show up 15 minutes prior to your appointment to complete the required paperwork. If you have preexisting conditions, please remember that further documentation may be needed for clearance. Please call with questions.


We are here for your young athletes. No matter the age, we are ready to get your busy family in and out. Any of our providers can assist in a thorough sports participation physical that won’t take up your whole night. Call to schedule today!

Ultrasound-Guided Joint Injections

At Align Medical Center we believe in proving the highest level of care possible. That is why we use ultrasound guidance for our joint injections. Evidence shows that ultrasound-guided injections are the superior method for ensuring proper needle placement. Using this technique can mean the difference between treatment and continued pain. Our injections are always done with the clean “no-touch” technique that is common practice for all orthopedic and sports medicine providers.

Trigger Point Injections

Our Nurse Practitioner is trained and certified to perform trigger point injections. She will evaluate you for trigger points (pain-causing muscle fibers), and then determine which type of injection is most appropriate for you based on your health history and current medications. She then cleans the area and uses a very small needle to inject the trigger point. Relief is usually instant! This therapy is wonderful for acute patients in severe pain, or for patients with chronic tight and painful muscles. Most patients will receive a series of injections based on the provider’s recommendations.

Read some research regarding trigger point injections in patients with chronic pain here.

Dry Needling

Many have heard of acupuncture and its benefits. Dry needling applies the same tool to a different school of thought. This therapy has been in use since the 70s’ but only recently gained more traction as the body of research has grown, so has its use in the clinical setting. Dry needling has been shown to assist in neuromuscular reeducation, decrease pain and inflammation, and improve ROM. The most exciting part of this therapy is that the results are often seen immediately!

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