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Our specially trained providers are able to make recommendations for Hormone Replacement Therapy based on laboratory blood work, physical exams, and in-person interviews.

What is bioidentical?

It means it is the same molecule that your body uses. Many of the risks reported from HRT were related to synthetic, non-bioidentical forms of estrogen which caused havoc in womens’ bodies.

How do I know HRT is right for me?

Our specially trained providers are able to make recommendations based on laboratory blood work, physical exam, and in-person interview. Some symptoms that may indicate you are a candidate include:



Abnormal weight gain

Hair loss

Cold intolerance

Decreased libido


Trouble falling or staying asleep

Hot flashes

Night sweats

Mood swings


What does low testosterone look like?

Increased weight gain

Stress intolerance, anger or temper issues


Inability to maintain muscle mass

Poor sleep quality

Decreased libido

Erectile issues


Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

No one wants to lose the ability to actively enjoy our lives as we age. Whether it be symptoms of depression, anxiety, fatigue, or joint pain, suboptimal testosterone may be a contributing factor. Research has found with a longer life span, less physically demanding lifestyles, and environmental exposure hormones,  our own hormone levels are not remaining adequately high for the lifespan of the average man.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Starting at a young age, women are familiar with the symptoms of hormonal changes. They are often told “It’s normal” or “It will get better”. Although this advice is not wholly untrue, it can make identifying an imbalance more difficult for a woman. In addition, women often feel tolerating unpleasant symptoms is the only option. We are here to tell you there are safe options to treating those pesky symptoms our hormones love to put us through. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BioHRT) has proven to be an effective treatment for optimizing hormone levels in both men and women.