Our chiropractor is a hands-on adjustor. She utilizes posture analysis, palpation, and functional movements to determine when and where to adjust. She is proficient at Thompson drop technique, diversified, Webster, and can perform activator adjusting.

Chiropractic Wellness Care

Many people come to the chiropractor to help maintain their health and wellness. Regular adjustments have helped many people improve their sleep, decrease musculoskeletal pain, and improve athletic performance. Our patients have the option to come to the Wellington, Colorado clinic for wellness-based family care.

Acute Trauma

After an accident, receiving proper medical care is vital. At Align Medical Center we can help with injuries from car accidents, on-the-job injuries, or weekend warrior injuries. We have access to x-rays, diagnostic ultrasound, a nurse practitioner, & chiropractor all under the same roof. We offer a variety of non-pharmacologic options to manage pain and facilitate healing. We will work with your attorney and insurance policies to get you the necessary care.


Support during this special time is so important. Align Medical Center has a Webster Certified Chiropractor on staff. Webster technique is focused on optimizing pelvic alignment during pregnancy to reduce pain, and discomfort, and to optimize uterine function.


Athletics can be hard on the body. Keep moving with chiropractic adjustments to decrease pain and restore proper range of motion. Most professional athletes are under the care of a chiropractor because they recognize an improvement in their reaction time, comfort, endurance, and performance. In addition to caring for athletes, Align Medical Center also performs pre-participation physicals.

Functional Movement Screenings

Our bodies are designed to move! Functional movement screenings are used to detect areas of imbalance in our bodies. We can discover weak, tight, overcompensated, or not functioning muscles. We then create a targeted exercise plan to restore healthy movement patterns.

Animal Adjustments

Animals can benefit from chiropractic care too! Dr. Anna Murdoch is a trained and licensed animal chiropractor. She trained at Options for Animals in Wellsville, KS. She has been actively adjusting and caring for canine and equine patients in the area for over 4 years. Animal adjustments can help a geriatric animal maintain mobility and function, help heal from disc injuries and improve athletic performance.